Cambridge Assessment English has added more dates to the 2020 calendar of exams. There will be windows for an exam from Monday to Saturday and we will be taking them AM and PM to comply with prescribed distances. Say, First for Schools may be taken from Monday to Saturday of a given week with sessions before midday and after midday. This will be the case for exams in Rosario while extra dates for venues will be subject to candidate numbers per exam.

Exams have been resumed in several countries already and we will have the new dates for the Southern Cone by July/ August. As soon as they are made available, we will let all of you know. For certain, there will be more exam dates except for C1 Advanced, paper-based version.

The good news is that Computer-based exams will be administered on demand as is the case with Young Learners, which means the Centre will offer more dates to cater for the number of candidates registered. Once a session is booked up, more dates will be offered and sessions opened.

The registration window will be much longer this year to make sure that students who register, as well as their parents and teachers when candidates are under age, feel confident about their decision. Fees for the second half of the year will be announced in the next newsletter before the winter recess.


Once our local government lifts the lockdown in our area and a protocol is issued, Rosario Examinations Centre will take all the necessary measures to ensure the well-being of all those attached to the Centre. For its part, Cambridge Assessment English has already issued its protocol but Centres must abide by both international and local recommendations.

The March and June sessions have been momentarily postponed but these will be the first to be administered when our Centre resumes its activities. Candidates who registered for these sessions as well as their Prep Centres and/ or teachers will be informed well in advance of the new dates.